Privacy Policy

In order to secure the confidential usage of the website and its services for the security of both the Site Owner and the Customer, due observance is must for the following policies. No customer is allowed to contravene these policies with or without willful intention.

Children’s Privacy Policy:

By the federal law and any applicable court of law, the usage of this website for any purpose other than viewing by a minor [lesser than the age of 18 or as applicable limit in the customer’s location] is strictly prohibited. The intention of the site and its operations are not intended for the usage by minors and the vested responsibility of parents or guardians shall be expected to prevent, and in case of failing to do so, assume the accountability of such actions. This shall be viewed upon on a case by case basis, due discretion of the Site Owner for ensuing actions in such a scenario.

Redirecting & Privacy:

While the site does not redirect any users for purposes of marketing or advertisement during their visit on any of the pages, the nature of the buying process would redirect the customer to a third party secure page, i.e. PayPal or an equivalent payment gateway. The information collected therein shall adhere to abide by the policies in practice of the said third party and is not covered under the collection usage or retention rights of this Site Owner.

Personal Information Usage:

The delivery of digital content and repeated access to the same post to purchase, would require basic information such as Name and E-mail of the user and shall be facilitated for such purposes only. The rights to use this information for promotions, offers or newsletters rests with the Site Owner, albeit with the right to opt out of the same resting with the customer after the initiation of the process.  The Site Owner confirms that there would be no triggering or retention of any payment information including but not limited to Credit/Debit Card numbers, banking passwords, payment gateway logins, etc; via direct or indirect means on any page of the website or during contact and correspondence. Refer to the Redirecting Clause above for the nature of collection of such information.

Non Personal Information Usage:

Non personal information such as the IP Address and location of the customer is collected for non commercial usage such as verification and authentication during and after the purchase and the same may be used for analysis, projections or performance appraisals of the selling process internally. Rights to prohibit or discontinue the services and access to information rests with the Site Owner upon a failure of authentication or objectionable practices such as a proxy with the intention of hiding the real non personal information or usage beyond a feasible limit likely for an individual user, due to the same being considered as an unfair buying practice by the Site Owner.

Response to Fraudulent Transactions:

Any complaints on unauthorized usage of payment or banking information would not be considered valid unless it is backed by the proof of the same via a legal authority. A reported and confirmed scenario of identity theft by a court or law or a legal authority shall be considered to follow the legal actions pursuant thence with. Failure on the customer’s part to provide such proof would render such claims invalid based on only the say so of the customer.

Information Security:

All information collected above within the area of access of the Site Owner would not be used for reselling, distribution or sharing in any format, electronic or physical with any party. The confidentiality shall extend to any organizations or entities enquiring the same, even with the authority over the customer to seek such information unless it is backed up by an order from a court of law. The payment information is never collected by the Site Owner during any process directly or indirectly.

Right of Modification:

The rights to modify or revoke the above policies rests with the Site Owner including the rights of interpretation. Any attempts to sever the usage, access or security regulations set by the Site Owner would render the access to service void due discretion of the Site Owner including a disclosure stipulated by a legal demand.